Major Tom vs Rocket, help me to decide!

Hello I’m about of buy one of these compressor, however I cannot decide myself. Both are nice, both sound goods. I need a compressor mainly for hard-techno music. My ability with compressors is medium, i know how to use the most common controls.

I hope you can help me to decide :slight_smile:


Well…if you want to squash the stuffing out of something, and/or want to introduce some definite color into the sound, Rocket’s the way to go, in my opinion.

Major Tom is more of a utility player…and is easy to set due to its automatic attack and release times. If you push it hard into the threshold, though, it’ll still smash things pretty darned flat and get nice and pumpy, so it’s useful as an effect (rather than as dynamics control) as well.

Really, you can’t go too wrong with either one…and of course, I think there’s a place for both. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer Scott. Two more question before buy, can Rocket sound as Major Tom? will be in a future 64bits version? If you only could buy one for hard techno drums… which one?


You could probably get Rocket to sound SOMETHING like Major Tom…but only in some circumstances…I wouldn’t try.

Drums = Rocket, IMO.

Here’s the easiest way to find out…download them both and try them for yourself! My ears are not your ears. That’s why we made our demos with no technological limitations…so that you can know EXACTLY how it’s going to work (or not) for you.



Not my genre, but broadly speaking any question that has the words ‘hard’ and ‘drums’ gets the answer Rocket :smiley:

Thanks to both, I’m hardly testing them (and another compressors), and yes, Rocket is more agressive… is very possible that I bought it, I need test more.

Any news o plans for a future 64 bits version?

totally different beasts; there’s no picking one over the other. Apples and oranges, Syd.

Thanks mate, but, what’s about a future 64bits version?

I hope there isn’t any fear in answer my question…

Best regards

Someday we’ll probably make 64-bit versions…but I’ll have to buy/build a 64-bit test platform first.

No fear…why would we be “afraid” to answer that?


Thanks Scott.

I said that because some manufacturers don’t want answer ‘no’ because they don’t want lose customers (only people with tons of money can buy product that they will not use in a near future)

I’m going to buy Rocket in two weeks (when I have the money)


Nah, I know we need to make 64-bit versions, it’s coming whether we like it or not. It’s just a matter of when.