Rocket VS Sonalksis SV-315 Mk2 VS MajorTom

I have this compressor and i want know what do you think about this Fight! Which is your Favorite and where they used more? for Drums,Bass,Guitar,Vocal etc etc

sonalksis is a very good compressor and achieves different things than the rocket. its compression doesn’t really add color or life, but it does its job well. the rocket gets things “moving” a little more. has a lot more smack to it. i am loving the rocket, but it doesn’t automatically trump the sonalksis. recently i found i liked the 315 more on really kick and tom heavy percussion on the buss, but for times you need things to jump out at you a lil more, the rockets where its at. haven’t played with major tom enough yet but on first listen, i didn’t like it as much as the before mentioned.