Blown away by "the Rocket"

Hey Scott and Stillwell team,

I am a working composer from Hamburg, Germany and I just wanted to say that I am really blown away by the Rocket!
In fact I am so blown away that I wrote a little resume on my blogsite. So hope you get a few extra customers :wink:

Besides that, I own a lot of expensive compresspr plugins, such as the new vintage Waves plugs (API, Vintage, SSL, JJP etc.) but I must say that “The Rocket” definitely doesn’t need to hide against those. I am also a big fan of the Transient monster and the Bad Buss Mojo.

Just wanted to let you know this.

Keep on rocking,


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Very kind :slight_smile:

I agree, I was running it yesterday on drums and guitars and the Rocket is very very useful. It’s also very subtle. I was compressing guitars about 6 dB and they still sounded very bright and full but the peaks that were jumping above the mix dropped back into the pocket perfectly. Yeah baby !! :slight_smile:

Me too!! This could easily become the goto compressor for most situations. I’ve been telling everyone I can about Stillwell and I know some workmates who have ended up buying the eq’s etc because of it.
Great work guys, and lovely interface.

I’ve found myself spreading the word about The Rocket to anyone who will listen. You know it’s a great product when you start feeling guilty for sounding like an advert, and wondering if people think that you’re working for the company.

It’s my go-to compressor, I use it about 80 % of the time, and when I need a longer attack time I’ll go to something like crunchsessor2.

I usually work at 96k, and normally end up using the Rocket over our hw 1176 for everything except bass guitar. They are different beasts, but the using the Rocket to peak-catch after an API 550a is my idea of drum heaven, and the distortion on offer from impetus function is outstanding - I regularly use it with the compressor set flat & no GR to steal a couple of db’s when making hot masters. Fairplay Stillwell, Rocket beats out all of the 1176 emu software for me in terms of ‘analogueness’, not necessarily accuracy, and subjectively prefer it to the original box 8/10 times. That’s impressive to say the least :wink:

I’m no expert by any stretch, but I just downloaded the Waves Installer (200 megs!) and compared the Renaissance Vox to the Rocket on lead vocals - and the Rocket won. I’ll be sending you some money this month. I’m blown away by the quality and capabilities of The Rocket and I’m blown away that more people are hip to your work.

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