No Problems - Just Awesome

Just dropping a note to say how much I’m loving Rocket. I’ve been using it in Logic 9.1 64-bit mode and haven’t had any problems that I know of. I’ve also got what I generally believe to be the best high-end compressor plugins; but for some reason, Rocket is always the one for vocals. I don’t understand why this is, as it’s only single-band.

Also, thanks for being such a small company and supporting so many host applications. (I know what that’s like!)


Bill Evans

PS: I’ve only had problems using the 32 bit bridge with one company’s plugin, and I use a lot of them. I guess I’ve just been lucky. I did and do have the problem of 32-bit Logic gobbling up tons of memory; 2.5GB used to be fine with Logic 8, but now 6 GB isn’t enough. Then again, I love Logic…wouldn’t trade it for the world.