Who needs an 1176?

Not me! I got me the Rocket.

Scott, I love the fact that you guys don’t try to emulate vintage gear with exacting detail. The Rocket has so many great features! HPF detection, decadence, and a threshold control. Yes, a threshold control!

I do have a question about impetus. Just to clarify. The effect of impetus becomes apparent as we approach 0dbfs on the output of the rocket. Is that about right?

Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks for all your hard work! Now off to buy the vibe EQ.

Correct…the impetus process is applied at the output stage, and is nonlinear…the harder you drive it (the higher the output level), the more pronounced it is.


Cool. Thanks Scott! I was wondering about that. I would sit there cranking that control without effect until I read the manual. Bit of an a Ha moment. I guess I keep my levels too conservative. Have to work on that.