Cluster Rocket

Hi Scott, all,

Had the Rocket in my VSTfolder for some time, never used it in a project until yesterday. Had to do an ABBA-medley thing, and none of my limcomps could flatten those voices without serious distortion. So I tried the Rocket and went facepalming all the way till the final render. Should have given it more serious attention, it blows all the other comps away. It can act like a limiter without any of the grinding side’effects. For only 40 euro’s its amazing.

Now I wonder how the Rocket would behave in an FFT phase-linear multibandsetting. Any plans in that direction?

D-essing without distortion…
D-chugging (metalguitars lomid) without pumping
D-oomphing (piano) without image-degradation

Would like that. :sunglasses: