Best compressor ever

Well done Scott!

Question though: The Rocket seems to roughly double its CPU use when idle on my system… Is that normal?
(P4 2.8Ghz / Reaper 2.46) 8-9% When audio playback is running, and 16-17% when playback stopped.

Thanks alot… great sound!

Hrm…it’ll use more CPU when it suspects that denormals are going to happen…which is when the signal levels are low or non-existent…so silent areas (or running FX when stopped) would make the CPU use go up…but it hasn’t been double for me. Are you running with Decadence turned on, or off? The brickwall anti-aliasing filter has to be heavily checked for denormals, so CPU use does go up (above and beyond the oversampling that happens).

Man, I’m glad I got off my P4…it uses about 3.0% worst-case on my Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (2.5 when audio running), and about 1.2-ish on my Q6600 quad.

Glad you’re digging it, though!

Let me know what your config is re: plugin settings and I’ll see if I can duplicate it. I whacked pretty hard on this section of the code, though, so it may just be a P4 thang…


I second that subject line. My first impressions of this are nothing short of awesome, Scott. Just when I was thinking about possibly getting a UAD-2 (mostly for their comps)… Rocket makes me think… “UAD- what!?” :slight_smile:

This truly fills the gap for me.

-Matthew Presley

Thanks for the response, just wanted to follow up… Just did another test.
Reaper 2.46 / Project file with one track / Rocket “Sex, drums and R&R” preset

=System 1 P4 2.8Ghz Dell 4600 Desktop / Reaper 2.46=
CPU use:
1.7% at idle, no wave loaded on track
1.7% at playback, no wave loaded on track

1.7% at idle, wave loaded on track
2.2% at playback, wave loaded on track

=System 2 P4 3.2 Dell 5150 Laptop / Reaper 2.46=
CPU use:
2.8% at idle, no wave loaded on track
2.8% at playback, no wave loaded on track

2.8% at idle, wave loaded on track
4.0% at playback, wave loaded on track

Super efficient!!!
The high(er) CPU use was when inserting it on tracks in a 36 tracks Reaper 2.46 Session… On tracks that had 24 bit .wav’s on the tracks…
Dont know what is happening, but I DO NOT think that its The Rocket!!!

Thanks for another great plugin Scott… I registered within 15 minutes of checking it out!!! World record for me, and the only other plugin I have ever bought was BadBussMojo… Im a big fan!

Best, Jakerock

{EDIT} ahh shoot… after sending this I looked over at the DAW and it had been playing silence for a few minutes, and the CPU use was @ 14.3%…Same @ idle when left alone for about 15 seconds…when playing back it wend down to 2.2% again.
If you want to look into this, and I can help with materials from my test session, please let me know OK? Thanks Scott.

Oh…dude, is this on your laptop? I bet that when you’re leaving it idle the CPU is spinning down to a slower clock speed, which makes the apparent usage go UP.


Well… tested on 2 systems Scott.
The laptop goes up to 25% CPU usage when playing back an empty item or blank space…
And the Dell 4600 Desktop goes to about 14%.

{edit}… just looked at the dell desktop… 32.1% sitting at idle for about 30 minutes.
Now im scared! :astonished:

whoa…okay…I’m gonna fire it up here and leave it running.

I’ll let you know if I need further info/projects/whatever.


Ok… Im on Reaper IRC chat too… Can PM me there if necessary.

Fixed…thanks to jakerock for working through this with me!


Yes, I also think this is one of the best compressors ever. Like having a Uad 1176 and an SSL in the same product, but yet, different and more than the sum of its parts - just how awesome is that. Also, the audio processing when it is not doing anything absolutely does not mess anything up. Yeah!

After playing with this for a while, i’m convinced this is rather better than uad’s 1176 for many of my applications for this type of comp: it sounds more modern, more pushy, cleaner, and absolutely has all the balls modern music requires. Probably going to be a classic of the plugin world, as the analog-style sound is the closest to a real console channel comp i’ve heard recently (ie, it’s not that kind of slow and ‘way-over-cooked-by-a-designer-who-has-clearly-never-been-near-a-real-board’ sound). For me, many of uad’s things almost get into the ‘console sound’ category, duende goes right in, as does this remarkable bit of software.

Supercool, well done Scott!

hi scott,
yep, you’ve done it this time.
I’m giving you a credit on my next CD release, even though i don’t own any of your plugs yet!!!

I possess all Stillwellaudio PlugIns and use her regularly.
The Rocket is first cream! I love it. Congratulate! :smiley:

I done told you to make 1175 into a VST and see what happens?!?! Everyone loves it. Told you so. :slight_smile:

Heh…this one’s a little beyond 1175…but yeah.


Hey Scott,
Thanks for making a GREAT sounding (and looking) compressor! I bought it yesterday, after playing with the demo for a couple of weeks.

I love the fast attack sound, but I wonder if you would consider doing an update at some point, that would add something like a switch for 5ms and 10ms attack times? Just to give users that choice. I think the 2ms max attack is the only thing that’s preventing me from using it on ALL my tracks. The whole “rocket” concept would be kept intact, but a switch like that would pretty much make it THE universal vst compressor.

Once again, great product.

Rocket will likely stay the way it is, since it’s doing what it was intended to do, but you never know about what may be coming out the door next… :wink:


Dear Scott, I second LMk`s suggestion (as I already stated in another post) - longer attack times would be a big plus for this plugin.
I would prefer that to being forced to buy your next brainchild just to get the rocket sound with more attack variety :wink:

My understanding (and no doubt Scott will be along shortly to put me straight) is that the way Rocket works is dependent on these very fast attack times, and making them run longer will just make it sound broken, and I think we can all agree that’s A Bad Thing. If you want a compressor with a taste of the Rocket sound but with a more traditional functionality, I’d agree that sounds like it could be a very cool tool. But it would be a different plugin altogether. And if that’s a discussion worth having, we can start talking about other things The Rocket can’t do, like auto-release, and I’d enjoy a GR amount limiter.

I don’t know if that’s the case or not. It sounds really good at 2ms, so I don’t know if it would sound broken at 5ms, I’m no expert on these technical things. I just think it would be great with a little switch on the side/corner of the plugin, with a 5ms and a 10ms option. Those are still fast attacks, and adding this as a bonus wouldn’t mess up the concept of the rocket as a “lightning fast attack”-compressor (which is a great concept). It would simply be an terrific bonus option on an amazing compressor.

Very impressed with this compressor - use it in radio for nice voice over treatment in “Reaper” - well done!

Ian :smiley: