Request : A itty bit longer attack time

Great work on The Rocket… one of the best compressors I’ve used period.

But would love the ability to increase attack time by a small amount.
There has been a few times I have used it and needed just a bit more punch so had to go with something else (reluctantly).

I’ll consider it, but it’ll have to be a different plugin, like Rocket 2 or something, since changing a parameter range would screw up existing users’ projects.


Go Rocket 2! hehe … kidding

That would be great… I often find myself wanting about 30-35!

The other thing that would be awesome (though might be kind hard to implement) would be a stereo unlink function!

I’d like to have at least 20ms of attack (or until 150ms) and a ratio of 1.5 or 2 (or variable)… are you developing Rocket 2?

I’ll sure look at it as a new plugin…although it probably won’t be called Rocket 2. :slight_smile:

I’m a bit leery of developing ANOTHER compressor plugin, but if I can do another one and have it of the same caliber as the others, and still something useful and unique to the table, then I suppose it’d be okay.

Don’t hold your breath, though…there’s other stuff in the pipeline that needs finishing before I can start on anything like this.


Ok, I asked this because I just bought TheRocket after few months of trial and I wouldn’t like to pay more for a new compressor (without upgrade fee) that it’s the same that Rocket but with an optional longer attack. You know, I’m poor… just three cheap and good plugins and a host, the rest is freeware.


Add me to the list of those who’d love a longer attack time. To avoid screwing up users’ existing projects, what about taking a leaf out of McDSP’s book? Their CompressorBank 4 has a toggle switch that doubles the attack (and release) times. If the switch defaults to normal then nothing changes for existing users.


Yes, but it adds another parameter that CAN screw up existing projects…it depends a lot on which host it is.

Good thought, though.


I guess I don’t get the request for a longer attack time. What could you be using the Rocket for that would
require such a long attack time? Personally I find that it’s longest attack time setting is way more than I would
ever need on any source material.

Well, I love me a long attack/fast release on drums for that Bonzo sound.

Probably the wrong tool for the job, then. Maybe Bombardier would get the job done for you…


Bombardier may be too graceful! :smiley: Rocket has a nice grubbiness to it when pushed!

I think a longer attack time would be very helpful too, a solution may be implementing something like in the URS channel strip : a button switches between normal and fast attack times, that way you wouldn’t mess with older projects settings.

Could this do it? This would be fairly simple in reaper, but I don’t know about other DAWs.
Copy the channel, so there is A and B that are identical.
Don’t run A through the master, and A has no FX on it.
Put a Rocket and other FX on B.
Route so that the sidechain from the Rocket on B is being triggered only by channel A.
Now ‘nudge’ A so that it’s, say, 5MS behind B.
I would set Rocket to it’s max of 2MS.

If I’m correct, the attack you see on the readout in Rocket should be +5MS(or whatever you’ve chosen). I think then one could get all that Rocket has to offer, but still be able to get the thwack of a transient.

If I understand compression properly (that’s up for debate) it won’t be a slower attack time, it will just happen LATER, but still be as abrupt? Others can speak as to how it would react, or if it would be pleasing to the ears.