Feature Request(s)

Hi there,

I’m currently demoing Bombardier and I really like it’s sound and flexibility.
Though there are two “features” that I’m missing:

  • Slower attack times, because sometimes 100ms isn’t slow enough. (300ms would be perfect)
  • Higher compensation range, because sometimes 20db isn’t enough. (36db would be perfect)

Please let me know what you think about it.

Best Regards,


this thread was pimarily dedicated to the devs, so it would be nice to get some feedback.

Could you imagine implementing something like this in future releases? Or do you think nobody under the sun will ever use this? Maybe any disadvantages? Doesn’t make sense because xyz? … etc.


No matter what limit I choose for attack or release times, somebody will always want more, so this is not likely to change. A wider range of values makes it more difficult to select a particular value, since it makes the control more “twitchy”.

36 dB of compensation? Really? No, I don’t think that will change either. If you need THAT much gain, simply place a volume/gain plugin after the compressor.

Changing the range of existing parameters would also break every existing project for every customer that has Bombardier…not something I would feel good about doing.


Hey Scott,

thanks for your reply.

I get your point, but It’s open to dispute if one really needs the ability to set 45.07ms instead of 45ms.
Would be interesting to me if there are people out there that set 50ms attack and then say “hm no this is 0.07ms too fast” :slight_smile:

Hehe I admit it sounds pretty huge. My thoughts behind it were: when it can tame it down by X it should also be able to compensate it by X. Mostly for A/B comparison.

Anyways, your last statement is the killer argument.

If I was a developer I wouldn’t do it either.

I already expected something like this, but hey it doesn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:

One last question: I read about some analog compressors tending to be slower than the actual readout (especially attack time) while digital ones are usually accurate here.
I could imagine analog modelled compressors also incorporate this behaviour.
How about Bombardier?

Best Regards,

Measuring attack and release times is ALWAYS an approximation, because of this: it takes x milliseconds to do…what? Essentially most compressors measure attack and release times as the amount of time it takes to hit some percentage of the desired gain reduction or return to no gain reduction. In my case, it’s the amount of time it takes to reach 99% of the desired value. Others may use different measurements.

The reason we do that is that most envelope followers have asymptotic response: it takes an infinite amount of time to reach the actual value they’re set at, but they get VERY close very quickly.

Analog and digital compressors BOTH have this same issue, so I don’t think you can really say that one is exact and the other isn’t. An analog compressor can have VERY precise time constants…but it requires very precise components to do it. If analog compressors are less precise, it’s because of manufacturing and price concerns…not because they’re analog.