Newbie Rocket Parallel compression default question

I’ve just download Rocket (and Vibe) to give them a demo.

Haven’t done much with Vibe yet but first impressions of Rocket are “wow”.
One question.

When you load Rocket the default setting for the parallel compression rotary is all the way to the left.

What does that setting mean…is it 100% compression with no dry signal ??

Or put another way, does that mean 0% dry signal ?

I hope so because otherwise it is a pretty embarrassing question !

Default setting is all compressed signal, no dry signal, you are correct.


thanks scott

Houston we have lift off…

The Rocket is great Scott.

I just purchased my copy ( and a copy of the 1973 eq which is very clean indeed).

The prsets with the Rocket are great starting points.

Really like the Rocket on vocals and drums

Rock on!