DBX 160X- major tom sounds close enough?

i’m new to the board :smiley:

Here is the deal… I was about to pull the trigger on a couple of dbx 160 X when i came across stillwell stuff. He got a lot props for his work(esp the rocket) across the web… I don’t need ol the discrete-transformer non linearities of the older 160… I just need the SNAP of the dbx 160x… Does the major tom sound close enough…?

Well…I think so. :slight_smile:

Seriously, it’s as close as I could make it, given measures of the variable attack time and release time curves.

I will have to say, though…the unit that we were targeting was the much older 160 VU model, not the newer 160X. Since the actual electronics aren’t modeled I’m not sure how much difference that would make…I didn’t look at any curves for the 160X.


Thanks for the quick reply Scott! I thought the original “VU” 160 and newer 160x shared the same compression curves as well the same program dependent attack-release. According to dbx the differences between the two are the electronics(which also affect the unit behavior) and the overeasy mode. As i’m specifically looking for the newer “X” type could you dig deeper into this for me please? Specifically, is it true that never unit have the same time constants/curves of the unit you have modelled? I will try to do my own research as well. And by the way thanks for make this great plug ins so affordable:D