Major Tom-love

I’m a reaper-addict, no more Pro Tools for me.

I use Major Tom in every song in my bands’ album. Kick/Bass/Ac guitar-tracks always have major tom, does wonderful musical pumping when set up properly, and sounds so good.

I have one question: is ratio-knob made the same way as the original dbx160? I mean is ratio 4:1 in the middle (12 o’clock)? Somehow I don’t get it, my ears are too def to hear ratio.

Ah, back to mixing. Thanks!

Best wishes,

“A possible Major Tom-buyer”

Nope, I’m trying to replicate the sound of the 160, not the user interface. Ratio is pretty much linear around the clock, so 12:00 position is about 10.5:1…pretty stompin’ compression.

To check what your values are, you can right-click on the knob and it will display the actual value of that control. You can then click on part of the control still visible and drag it and watch the value change, or you can edit the value and type in a new one. Another right-click will hide the value. Only a single value can be displayed/edited at a time.


Thanks alot!!!