Presets for the Major

I really like my Rocket comp. which has a lot of nice presets. The Major totally lacks any. Is that on purpose ?
For someone like me it´s so nice to just pick a preset and hurry back to playing music :wink: !

Nope, there aren’t any presets for Major Tom. Since it’s level-dependent and auto-attack and release, it’s REALLY tough to come up with anything that sounds good on MY stuff that will sound good on YOUR stuff.

I’m in the middle of some updates, so I’ll see what I can do about adding some…no promises, however.


Thanx very much or answering ! I see your point about the settings :wink:
Compressors has always been kind of mysterious to me, so a few presets as some sort of starting point would be nice if you get around to it some time :sunglasses:

(And by the way I´m almost overusing the Rocket. A very nice piece !!!)