Major Tom not compressing on recall in feedback mode

Hi Scott,

Couple if issues on my system. If I initiate Major Tom and set it to feedback mode before adjusting the threshold, any threshold setting doesnt trigger the compressor until I toggle it into FF mode and then back to Feedback mode. Another issue is when save a project in Reaper or Nuendo with Major Tom in feedback mode, upon recall the Major Tom does not compress the track until I toggle from FF to FB.

Besides updating to the latest version (which I have) any ideas?

Any ideas here?

I’ll investigate ASAP. I don’t know of anything other than a bug that would trigger that, but it doesn’t make much sense given the structure of the code.


Cool man, let me know if you need more details

Okay, I can confirm the problem…I’ll get on it. It’ll be a little bit because I have the code for all the plugins in a state of flux as I prepare them for Mac compatibility. As soon as I get a clean build of it, I’ll nail down the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.