Version 1.5 questions

Version 1.5 questions

All downloads except vibe eq state their version is 1.04, BUT the Dlls show 1.4. Is this correct?

Also should the 1.5 version of Major Tom fix the No Compressing on Recall in Feedback mode bug?


Matthew Presley


They shouldn’t show 1.04 or 1.4, either one.


goes back to make another build…something’s been forgotten


Okay, downloads have been updated again…they should show 1.50 or 1.50.00 everywhere.

As far as the feedforward/feedback stickiness…I’ve been over and over the code and can’t find where that might be coming from other than something low-level. Please give it a try and see if it misbehaves for you.


Just did. It is still there. I can make a small project with the bug and send it to you if that would help

Updated. It should be fixed…at least it’s working properly here.


Hi Scott,

Its still behaving the same. I’ll do more test using new projects instead of older ones. See if I can find a variable.

Please do…and if you have a project that produces the problem reliably, yeah, that’d be a good thing.


Ok I have attached the file reproducing the bug.

Thanks for checking into this.
MajTom recall (6.23 KB)

Hallelujah, I think we’ve got it.

Try again…it now doesn’t do it on YOUR test project, so we should be good now.

Thanks for your patience and help!



Thank You!