issues with Major Tom and Rocket in Samplitude 11

Hello, recently installed Samplitude 11 Pro and have noticed that the meters on Major Tom and Rocket don’t seem to be functioning in time, but rather delayed slightly, any ideas as to why???

Because of PDC. The plugin draws the meters at the time it’s processing the data. That may not be the same time (likely will NOT be the same time) that those samples are playing back.

It’s not broken…that’s just the way they work.


not exactly, i’ve been using them in SONAR for a while now and the reaction time of the meters is much slower in Samplitude

I don’t do anything differently because of SONAR or Samplitude…the GUI redraws itself on a timer, so if the host is busy enough it’s possible that it won’t get drawn fast enough. Short of that, the meters represent what’s passing through the plugin at that point in time…period. If it’s different between SONAR and Samplitude, that’s an issue with the host, not the plugin.


cool, thanks Scott, very much appreciated, i’ll continue searching for the issue. as they’re my go to’s i can’t imagine working without them!