Major Tom and Rocket same VST ID?

Sorry for the crosspost. I don’t seem to get a response in the product’s forum… Here’s my post again:

i’ve just purchased Major Tom and updated Rocket, which I also have, to the latest version. Now all my projects containing Rocket, open Major Tom’s GUI in Sonar 8.3.1.

It seems you’ve changed the VST IDs of the plug-ins, because the new Major Tom and my older version of Rocket had the same ID. I had to reinstall the older Rocket (1.52.00) to have my projects load properly again. Funny thing is, Major Tom still loads fine although it has the same ID now.

Is there a way to install the latest versions of both plug-ins without having to re-insert all instances of Rocket?


Bah…okay, I’ve verified that I did have Rocket accidentally set to Major Tom’s VST ID when I first built it, and just recently changed it. My suggestion would be to temporarily remove Major Tom from your VST plugin path and see if you can open the projects and re-save them with only the new version of Rocket (hopefully it will find the plugin based on DLL name if it can’t find a matching VST ID). Once the projects are re-saved on the new Rocket, you should be able to reinstall Major Tom with no issues.

Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been out of town all week.



I also had the same issue when trying out the Rocket. I went into an old session in PT LE 8 that I did a few months earlier with the demo version of Rocket. Since that session I had installed the newer versions of Rocket and Major Tom(demo versions) and the missing plug-in issue was gone. I was trying to make sure the missing plug-in issue was gone before buying them both. Like Fripholm, all the instances of Rocket had been replaced with Major Tom. I removed Major Tom and Rocket came back, but all the settings were at the default. Since I had about 8-10 instances of Rocket on that song, the mix was toast and it would take considerable time to get back to where I was, if at all possible.

I’ve since purchased Rocket and will probably buy Major Tom as well. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get back to the old settings?(I have not saved over the old session) Maybe reinstall an older version of Rocket temporarily? I have 4 songs from that session that this is affecting.



putting the old version of Rocket back temporarily is the only solution that I know of…it sucks. I’m sorry. :frowning:

Thanks Scott, that’s not a big deal. I don’t have the old version anymore, though. Is there a place that I can get the old version?

BTW, the Rocket has transformed my mixes. I could never get “that” sound before, especially on drums and I love it!!!



Eek. Mac or PC? I’m not sure if these are before or after the VST ID change, but try:

Those are from around the end of March of this year, and there are both Mac and PC builds there. Definitely only use these long enough to get the settings transcribed and then replace them with the newer versions. I don’t have any plans to blow this directory away, but I make no promises about how long the URL will remain good.

If you need ones that are older yet, I can oblige…but as they get older, the likelihood of something being buggy goes up. Let me know if you need them, as I don’t want to post a link to those if it’s not necessary.



Ouch, I just ran into this… I’ve reverted to an older system backup, tried several versions of Rocket and deleted Major Tom, but I can’t get sessions to load properly. The best I get is that they load Rocket, but all knobs are set ccw :astonished:
I’m using Nuendo 4.2.2 on PC XP SP3.

This is really a bummer, I have quite some mixes I need to access which used Rocket and some used Major Tom as well. I hope there’s a solution for this.

The 1.53 versions are definitely right? At least I want to make sure that if I continue working I can reload my songs safely later. If Rocket wasn’t so good, this issue would put Stillwell on my blacklist.

Michael Tibes

All current versions are correct. I’m sorry that it’s causing you pain, but when there’s only a single developer working on a plugin, I have to rely a LOT on beta testers…and if they don’t report a problem, I can’t fix it. As soon as the problem was found, it was fixed. That’s the best I can do.

Did you try to download the earlier version in the link I posted above?