Plugins won't work with Cubase VST/32 5.1

I got very interested in a couple of Stillwell Audio plugins after a number of very good things I heard/read, so I’ve been wanting to try them out. I’ve downloaded the 1973, Major Tom and Rocket (VST WIndows versions). I still use Cubase VST/32 5.1r1, but only the 1973 will work with it. When I try to open (after installing) the Major Tom and Rocket plugins I get error messages and they won’t open.

I haven’t had this problem with any other plugins and I don’t really want to change my DAW just for that, but I would really like to try out the other plugins as well. Can you maybe offer an explanation on why this happens?

Woo Cubase VST/32 5.1r1! I applaud you, since I myself stuck with that for years and years, right up to the moment I went Reaper. Its very good, isn’t it?

My uneducated guess would be that this might come down to the difference between 1973 and Major Tom / Rocket… 1973 doesn’t have an auxiliary sidechain input. Obviously VST5 doesn’t do sidechaining (Cubase only got that fairly recently) but perhaps it doesn’t even like being asked to do it?

Here’s a test : if you could please grab Oligarc and see if the individual plugins start up fine, but the main unit doesn’t.

Just a quick update: I tried the plugins in SX (1) on a buddy’s DAW and there Major Tom and Rocket doesn’t even show up in the plugin-menu while 1973 again works fine.

I’ll try your suggestion with Oligarc sometime White Tie.

BTW, yes I still quite like VST/32. It just works for me. It’s what I learnt to work on and I’ve never needed anything it couldn’t give me so I did upgrades where it made the biggest difference. I might look into Reaper sometime, but I really don’t feel like learning new software at the moment.

Hey all. I’m using Cubase LE (hey, it was free and came with my interface…), and I’m having the exact same issue. 1973 shows up with no issues at all, but Rocket and Major Tom are both missing inside Cubase (but installed in the right place). Did anyone ever get any resolution to this? I’m really digging 1973 and would love to try some others out…

If a host doesn’t support sidechain ( more than 2 inputs, really ), then the only thing we can do is query the host name and make special-case code to disable anything more than stereo input. It breaks sidechain functionality, but lets the rest of the plugin work. The problem is…it’s Cubase. If I look for “Cubase” and kill it, I kill the newer stuff that DOES support sidechain.

I’ll see what I can do, but I’m not very hopeful that it can be resolved easily.


Scott - Great plugins BTW. Have you been able to generate Major Tom and Rocket in a non-side chain format to work with earlier versions of Cubase?

No, haven’t had time. This is on the list of things to evaluate and fix if practical, but there are other projects ahead of it on the list.