Authorization issues???

Hello, I recently purchased licenses for Major Tom and The Rocket and only received the license key for Major Tom, or I’m just doing something worng, either way, HELP!!

Post a support ticket like it says in the sticky at the top of the forum…please include your order number(s) in the support ticket. We’ll get you sorted out.


Thanks Scott, I did that almost a week ago and still hadnt heard anything, I’ll be more patient, much appreciated!

Ahhh…sorry. You ordered the plugins under a different email address…that’s why I didn’t find it.

I’ve responded to the ticket and re-sent all the order fulfillment emails. You should be covered.

Sorry for the delay. Not sure what happened to the original email for Rocket or why you’d get one and not the other…I don’t get copies of those emails or see notification if they fail. All I get is the notification of the order and copies of the download links…and those showed up fine on my end originally.


Sorry about that Scott, guess that would complicate things:) New key downloaded and installed, everything’s working fine, very much appreciated!!! 1973 and Vibe are next!!!