Having trouble authorizing .aax plugs in PT11

Hey All
I have installed and copied the .KEY files to the correct directory (I THINK). Im on a PC. I installed the plugs and copied the .KEY files to This Location:
(Se Attachment, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plugins

ill upload a screen shot so that can be verified.

All was working fine, then i installed the 11.3 update of PT11 and none of the plugins are saying they are authorized.

I Have been parusing the website and i cant seem to find any clear install instructions. just install to the “.dll folder” but pro tools 11 doesnt use .dlls.

Please help! i love these plugins and im halfway done with a mix and would hate to have to work around them.

Thank you so much for the help.


That sure looks right…

Please open a support ticket at stillwellaudio.com/support and attach a copy of your key files. I’ve got another customer reporting the same thing, so I’m not sure what’s up…there’s a number of people that DON’T report problems, but if we get more than one that we can verify, then it’s more than likely not just “you did it wrong”.


I’ll add one thing…even if it shows as unregistered, it won’t stop working - our plugins process audio just the same whether they’re registered or not. I understand it’s annoying, and we want to fix it, but don’t be afraid that you’ll get halfway through a mix and get time-bombed - it won’t happen.


Hey Scott,
Will open the support ticket right now. I was under the impression that the plugin settings wouldn’t save if you closed the session and re opened it if they were unregistered. Is that not the case?

Thanks again for being so helpful and for making such kickass plugins. The Event Horizon is m Go To Mastering Loudenizer.


Nope - our plugins operate exactly the same registered or unregistered except for the nag screen. If you ever get a problem with settings not recalling correctly, that’s a bug and we need to know about it…


Copy that. Will Report on it as soon as i know. Need to make some notes in that case.

Thanks Again Scott.