Reg key

I purchased maj tom and didn’t get the Email with the reg. key. I received it right away for 1973 and Bombadier. Orig posted this in Maj Tom forum, but there is no recent activity in that forum… so posted here.

Please create a support ticket as described in the sticky at the top of every forum here. Include your order number and I’ll get it sorted out straight away.


hmm…assuming you used the same email on both purchases (and that they’re the same as the email you used on this forum account), I only see a single order for 1973 and Bombardier…no order for Major Tom has showed up here.

Ahh, I see what the problem is. You placed the order right when I was rebooting the key generation server. Fastspring will retry the transaction later and will issue your key files.

If you do not receive the key file within 24 hours, file a support ticket with me and I’ll give Fastspring a nudge.


Thanks Scott. I’ll be on the look out for the key :slight_smile:

The key came today. Thanks!