No activation key after purchase?


I’ve just bought Transient monster & Major Tom.

I got an order confirmation from Paypal:

Payment Details

Transaction ID: 5XL74575WY5654009
Item Price: $109.45 USD
Total: $109.45 USD
Order Description: SWREG Order U28909392 - includes $109.45 processing fee - YOU MUST ENTER [email protected] BELOW
Item/Product Number: 28909392
Buyer: Andrew Kon

I tried to contact SWREG although they have no confirmation of purchase. I’ve checked the email address and it looks right

I haven’t received anything from Stillwell itself…

BTW the support from SWREG is ridiculous. I cant even contact them from their own support page!!!



I’ll check it out…I haven’t received an email confirmation yet, either. The key file should be attached to the receipt you received from SWREG as an attachment.



It’s showing as a “Pending” Order with status PP, about which they say:

“PP= Payment by PayPal - we are waiting for confirmation or have yet to get round to manually processing. Can take up to 5 working days for Paypal e-checks to clear but it states that in the comments field. It can mean that we have not got a response from the Paypal IPN (please ask customer for the Paypal transaction number). One last possibility is that the customer chickened out when presented with the Paypal served page.”

It’s marked as an “offline payment”, and it’s just hitting business hours here in the States, so it may be a bit before they get it issued. If you don’t receive your keys within the next 8 hours, email me at scott at stillwellaudio dot com and I’ll escalate with SWREG. Worst case, I can generate keys manually if I have to.