RE: order confirmation.?


I’ve just bought Major Tom + Transient monster.

I got an order confirmation from Paypal the detail of which are:

Transaction ID: 2WG03420MX5550438
Order Description: SWREG Order U28535093
Item/Product Number: 28535093
Buyer: alex scannell

And a reference number from SWREG when I tried to contact them: KMM12477961I11273L0KM on their email header.

I haven’t received anything from Stillwell itself…

Is the order process automated or have I missed your office hours ?? as I don’t know where you’re based.



PS: Great plugins by the way, transient monster is a life saver for hi hat bleed on snare mics !

I can see the orders have come in and keys have been generated…you didn’t receive an emailed receipt? That should have had the key attached to it.

I do know that SWREG has been having some DNS problems for the past two days, so that may be it. I’ll log into their system and make it resend the email.



Yes, the order process is automated, and normally you should receive the keys along with your sales receipt via email very quickly indeed.


Email has been resent. Please let me know if you do not receive it. You can email me at scott at stillwellaudio dot com.


Sorted !

For anybody who might read this thread…

It was a typo in my email address.

Once fixed, Scott sent me the authorizations immediately.

Very professional,