Major Tom Oversampling Mode/Manual?

I am evaluating Major Tom, and love it. I was wondering about the Oversampling mode that the plugin goes into when I click on the Major Tom logo in the center of the plugin? In the snapshot below you can see that Major Tom is in Oversampling Mode. Simply click the “Star” in the Major Tom logo.
Also, though I am familiar with all the functions of compression, and all the functions of this compressor,
it would still be nice to have a .pdf manual for the plugin. Unless there is one somewhere, I cant seem to find one.
So if you could, shed some light on the Oversampling function. I understand the concept of oversampling, but I dont know what the oversampling for this product
is intended for.

There is no manual, sorry. :slight_smile:

The oversampling mode is exactly what it implies…all processing is done at 2x sampling rate, with brickwall nyquist filters. Since a compressor changes gain over time, it can introduce additional frequency components (distortion) that may be above nyquist frequency of the project sample rate, leading to aliasing. By doubling the sample rate and steeply filtering above the non-oversampled nyquist frequency, you can eliminate much of the aliasing that would occur at the cost of additional CPU load (roughly double).

Hope that helps!


Appreciate the speedy response.
2x oversampling, got it.
This is a great plugin, Just recommended it to another artist I know, and he tried it out and was blown away.
He has the UAD plugs. He says that Major Tom blows the LA2A, LA3A, 1176 out the water.
But I said, They each have their place, and Major Tom is up there with the greats.
Great Work!!!
One of the best darn compressors Ive heard.

Now if only he would VSTize 1175. :wink: 1175 and MajorTom are all I use anymore. 1175 is the bomb ass diggity on snare and kick especially when used with TransientMonster and maybe EventHorizon. These plugs lend themselves to all sort of dirty tricks.

Another great use for MajorTom are hard panned mono acoustic guitar tracks. Put MajorTom on a folder track with the two acoustic tracks panned hard in sub tracks. If you tweak it just right they pump back and forth in a really nice rhythmic fashion.