Been using the DX version of Jesusonic rocking the MajorTom and loving it! Just curious as to how the vst version will compare CPU usagewise. Less required (hopefully) or more?

Yes, in general it will use less CPU than the Jesusonic version of the plug…unless you have oversampling turned on (which the Jesusonic version doesn’t have…).


That’s a bonus, cool!

Very cool indeed! Also, on the that oversampling topic , Voxengo has a feature where is you put one of his plugins in automode it detects your bouncing or mixing down with the plugin. Can this feature be added to your plugs (been meaning to request it for Reacomp also) so that during bounce/mixdown oversampling (highest) is used?

I doubt that it will go into the initial release, but it sounds like a workable idea, so I’ll definitely consider it. I do NOT want the plug to arbitrarily go into oversample during render, though…as an engineer I want control over functions like that. Oversampling can make things soooooo smooth, but I don’t always WANT smooth.

Good idea!



The CPU usage on this baby is fantastic of my system. Right around 1 to 2% and this right where I hoped it would be. I’ll be testing it on some my projects and once I get a good feel for it and the quirks are worked out (see my SONAR 5.2 post) I’ll be buying this baby to use along with the Sonitus compressor and I’ll be good on track and buss compressors.

Great job! :smiley:

Now get back to work and get off this forum.


FYI - I can beta test Cakewalk SONAR 5.2, 6 (7 as soon as it’s released) , Project 2.5 and Kinetic 2. If you need it.