EH keeps audio in buffer - spits it out on next playback

Hi all

I’m trying Event Horizon with Logic 7.2.3, audio unit version. Anyone come across the following behaviour?

Play a song with EH on a track. Stop the song. Return to beginning of song and hit play. EH spits out a little bit of audio - a few milliseconds - as if it was the last piece of audio it was analysing before I hit stop. Makes it hard to bounce tracks down as there’s always a “blip” at the start of the bounce.

EH must be storing the audio in a buffer for analysing, but doesn’t clear the buffer when the song stops.

Also agree with another poster suggesting better metering. For a start I find that even when all controls are set to zero, the output meter still reads more than the input. Also it would be handier to be able to see the amount of gain/peak reduction: for example I’d like to be sure I’m chopping 3dB off the peaks, and adjusting the output to -0.1dB. The output meter doesn’t really tell me anything useful, it just bounces about a lot.

I’ll have an updated version posted soon that will correct the issue if I can confirm it here.

I hear you about the meters…I’ll consider an update later, but for now, they’ll remain as they are. To make big changes to the meters would require a lot of redesign…GUI code is the biggest pain in developing a plugin, frankly.