Latency in the Limiter mode

Hey Scott,

I am using fxpansion’s vst to rtas wrapper ver 2.11 in Pro Tools 7.4.

Clipping mode works great, but when I switch to limiting mode I get latency in the output. I found out today that you have some updates available; is this issue covered?

I love the vibe of you products; can’t wait to give the new compressor a test drive.


  • Mike

The plug does have latency in “Limit” mode and reports it correctly to VST hosts. In Limit I think it’s 2047 or 2048 samples, zero latency in Clip mode.

If you’re running LE you’re going to have to manually offset the latency. In HD, I’m not sure if the wrapper will pick up the latency change or not…I don’t have HD.


Thanks for the quick reply…

Ok, worksasdesigned then.


  • Mike

hello i have the latency issue with dp5 and 6, using it as a audio unit ??

it’s the only stillwell plug to have latency?



It is supposed to have latency in Limit mode…that is the way it works, it “looks ahead” in the audio to find the peaks and reduce them before they occur. Event Horizon reports this latency to the host correctly, so their shouldn’t be a problem.

This does mean that you can’t monitor input through Event Horizon in Limit mode. You should be able to do so, however, if you place the plugin in Clip mode…that’s zero latency.


I noticed this problem recently too… but I also noticed that it didn’t do it before… when I first did these mixes there was no latency issues… but they have appeared out of nowhere in the mixes… it is only in limit mode… but I don’t understand why it does it now and it didn’t before.

config: Mac Pro running Logic pro 8.02 on Leopard 10.5.4 and the same problem appeared on my G4 running Logic 8 on tiger.

Cheers guys

using Acid there is latency in playback with the event horizon active. Acid is not compensating?
system info: i7 running XP and Acid 7