Event horizon pdc weirdness


I use event horizon mostly in clip mode
In this mode, the plug-in has no latency (which is the coolest thing on earth :slight_smile: )

But if close and restart my reaper project or place the plug on a reaper track template or set clip mode as preset default, the plug load with Latency. I have to move the clip/off/limiter to restore the 0 latency.

Pretty annoying for live use as i need to open every instance of the plug to get it right

Any suggestions?



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Open a support ticket and we’ll see if we can’t get you fixed up.

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I also have some latency issues in Studio one 4. Unfortunately they don’t seem to maintain this plugin.

Who is “they”? We certainly do support our plugins.

“They” is Stillwell Audio.
It was not meant as an attack, just something I’ve noticed.
I have this plugins from 2 years ago and the VST3 version never really worked in Studio One.
I suggest that you put the version number of all your plugins with changelog so we can understand what we download and the changes with date.