Latency Cubase 7

Hey fellas,
I´m using Cubase7 and have in clip-mode an latency that I can´t figure out how to handle it.
In limiter-mode the plug works fine


In clip mode, the plugin is zero-latency. That makes no sense at all.

Are you sure you’re not stating it backwards?

Are you using this on a live track? You can’t compensate for the latency on a live or record-enabled track…only during mixdown.


Hmmm, this is funny.
Switching some times from clip to limit mode and know it works fine in clip mode and has the latnecy on limit mode, as it should be!

This happens to me in Cubase 6 and 7. No matter if I switch to Limit mode and then back to Clip mode.

I realised it a while back when layering two snare tracks to apply the Clipper on the copy.
The track with Event Horizon is also out of sync when EH is in Off mode. It is in sync when in Limit mode.
[Edit: Win 7 x64, x64 Hosts, x64 Plug-ins]

Tested several times, I can upload a couple rendered files, if needed.

Does not happen in Reaper.

Somewhere along the line, Cubase has to be failing to acknowledge the plugin’s reported latency…I ALWAYS report the latency I’m using…otherwise REAPER wouldn’t get it right.

I’m a’thinkin’…not sure what I can do to affect this, but…I’m a’thinkin’.


this is still happening, I was hoping that V3 update would have fixed it.
I’m using Cubase 6.5 and when using Event Horizon in clip mode it shifts the track ahead, I have to put about a 50ms delay on it to get it back in time.
Has there been any progress made on this?
I had also posted a question about it some time back.
One more thing now though, when I close a project and re-open it, I have to open Event Horizon because it’s on bypass mode.
It’s not usable like this.

When you switch to clip mode, do you stop and start the transport? Some hosts do not recognize latency changes except when that happens. We DO report latency change, period. If the host isn’t using that reported latency I’m not sure what can be done about it.

That doesn’t work either, the timing is still off. It works fine in limit mode, but in clip or off the timing is off.

Is there a way for you to post a small sample project with media somewhere that exhibits the problem? Give exact instructions for how to reproduce the problem and how you’re determining the problem is there. It’s probably best to do this on a support ticket, as I don’t think the forum will allow attachments big enough to be useful.

Also…is this using VST3 or VST2? With the latest update we support both, and it’s possible that Cubase treats one differently than the other. We report latency to the host in both cases, but it will be good to know which one to be testing…

For what it’s worth, I’ve had someone outside with a lot of Cubase support experience have a look at this - they could not reproduce the problem. Unless you can get me a reproducible test case, I’m stuck.



I was using VST2 plugin.
I decided to try the VST3 and I can get it to work but I have to change the mode to get it to report the latency.
The problem with this is that it jams up Cubase for 10 to 20 seconds while the mode is changing.
I uninstalled the VST3 and went back to the VST2 version but now it just crashes Cubase if I go to load it. I was going to upload a project for you to see but I can’t do it now.
Maybe something is clashing due to the install of the VST3, because when I uninstalled it, it was still showing and I had to go and manually remove the VST3 plugin.

I can confirm the latency issue when the plug-in is in Clip mode.

Using ProTools HDX, v11.1.3 Mac OSX10.9.3

Using it on a Bass guitar Aux, when active, causes the Bass to be played early, noticeably out of sync with the kick drum. Deactivation or changing to Limit mode fixed the Delay compensation problem.

Upon further investigation, watching the sample Delay read-out on the track in ProTools, I can see it changing values when I switch between Limit and Clip mode. What appears to cause the issue is when it gets stuck on the Limit value (which is higher) but is switched to Clip mode. Its not constant, as I can get it to behave correctly when in Clip mode, but flicking back and forth causes it to malfunction. What causes it 100% is if I set to Clip mode, then de-activate the plug-in, then reactivate, it will re-activate with the incorrect higher (Limit) Delay amount.