WTF is this??? Failed unsafe joke screen

I realize it’s a some joke thing. But I actually find it a bit annoying.

Sorry about that. It is what it is. If we change something every time SOMEONE doesn’t like it…it’ll be bland, bland, bland. What offends no one, pleases no one.


No but please tell me…what IS it? Nothing? It’s not like I can’t use the plugin just wondering why it pops up:)

Thought it was some sort of nag screen but I’ve paid and registered. That’s why.

No ill intension Scott :smiley:

That’s the screen that’s supposed to come up when the plugin is disabled (the center position on the Clip/Off/Limit switch).

Try the latest beta version and see if it stops doing that. That graphic shouldn’t show if the switch is not in the center. Logic seems to be the only one that does that.


No the screen comes on all by itself in clip mode. Hence the confusion and annoyance:) And I’m on Cubase 5.5/ Win7 64. I’ll try the beta. Thanks.

Is also seems the verison I’m running doesn’t report it’s latency correct in clip mode. IT creates a rather large delay and it’s not possible to do parrallel provessing with it.

Where can I find the beta you’re mentioning?

I need a vst windows version and can only find mac or au versions.


I’m in the middle of a set of updates that mean I can put up a new version right now.

As far as latency goes, Event Horizon has approximately 2000 samples of latency when in “Limit” mode, and zero latency in “Clip” mode. In all cases it properly reports that to the host, if asked. Not all hosts will support a plugin that has variable latency…REAPER has no problems with it, for example.

I’ll see what can be done, but you can understand that no matter what I do, SOMEBODY is going to be unhappy. If I make the latency a consistent 2000 samples, then you can’t use it when tracking. If I leave it the way it is, then hosts that don’t support changing latency will make it seem like it’s broken. If I make it always zero latency, then I have to totally throw away limit mode…I can’t win.


I see your point but something’s wrong with this plugin, or the way in interacts with Cubase 5 / win 7.

I just found out some very interesting things when testing:
Now, Cubase reports a latency of 2047 samples. Cool. Now I did the following test:
Made a subgroup with Event Horizon inserted. Send a parrallel signal to both the ground and my main bus. Initially: no problems BUT as soon as I switch to the other mode, a delay occours. It doesn’t matter which mode I start in. If I then leave it in the mode that causes the delay, shuts off the effect and turns it on again: problem gone. So something’s going on when modes are switched. Maybe the latency is not reported correctly when switching modes. Could it be related to the OFF screen suddenly coming on even though the plugin wasn’t touched. Here’s another funny thing (Perhaps it also related) I can swith from CLIP mode to OFF. But I can’t switch from LIMIT to OFF. Only from LIMIT to CLIP. So - in all respect, something IS wrong wouldn’t you agree. Here’s last strange thing: when the “delay” is happening and I DOUBLE CLICK anywhere that is NOT the meters, the problem dissappears!!!

Now don’t say I’m not testing this;)

All the best, and thanks for taking the time to look into this. The thing is: I love this plug, so I really want it to work 100 % :slight_smile:

You rock!

a kind bump :wink:

another :mrgreen: