Event Horizon and sidechain compressor issue

Hello everybody
I’m trying some of Stillwell plugins like Event Horizon and Major Tom in Cubase 5, windows 7. I use them for drums. I tried to place a sidechain compressor sending from kick (after EH) and receiving in bass but i get a huge delay, the triggering kick arrives at least half a second late to the bass input. If i press the “compensate latency” button in cubase, Stillwell plugins are switched off and the kick has no lag anymore.

Is there anything i’m doing wrong? I really like this plugins but i need to use the sidechain as well.

Thanks for your time!

When Event Horizon is in Limit mode it has about 2000 samples of latency. In clip mode it is ZERO latency. In both cases it reports the latency to the host. if Cubase can’t handle a plugin that changes latency…that just doesn’t sound right.


Thanks for your quick response, Scott. Is there anything I could try to fix this?