The Rocket in PT HD

Scott regarding the email i send you on pro tools HD and the latency issues. Are you saying that the rocket needs 0ms delay compensation?? How does it have 0 time processing? Even my TDM plugins have some delay.

I can’t answer as to how TDM handles things, but from a VST standpoint the plugin has zero delay. The only Stillwell plugin that has any latency at all (currently) is the Event Horizon Plus plugin in Limiter mode, which has around 2048 samples of latency, and reports it as such…and has zero latency when it’s in Clip mode.

VST plugins process data in blocks, so from a strict standpoint NO plugin can be truly zero-latency, as it has to process an entire input block before it can hand off an output block. That being said, input sample ‘x’ in an input buffer will be in exactly he same position in the same output buffer, which is VST’s definition of latency. The processing of any given sample in a zero-latency plugin does not rely on the values of any samples AHEAD OF IT IN TIME…i.e., there’s no lookahead.

So, unless something truly bizarre is going on, YES, you should need zero delay compensation for any of the Stillwell plugins except for the above-mentioned Event Horizon Plus in Limiter mode. If PT or the wrapper is reporting a different delay by default, something is wrong.

CAVEAT: I am not a PT guru.


I see. Thats pretty sweet. Good to know.