Not showing up in Pro Tools...

Hey Scott,

Just wanted to let you know I can’t get Rocket to show up in the plug-in list in Pro Tools 7.4cs4.

I am running fxpansion vst to rtas 2.11 on a PC Win XP sp3.


  • Mike

Check with FXpansion to make sure you have latest…I’ll get PTMP fired up here and double check, but I’ve got reports of it working in that same environment.


Hey Scott,

Double checked with Fxpansion and I am totally current. All of your other plugs work just fine(aside from the latency issue in EH) so this is a very curious situation.

My rig is:

Core 2 duo quad core
Win XP Sp3
PT LE v. 7.4cs4
A ton of heart & soul v. 6.1.3 (this is the post divorce release)

Thanks bro,

  • Mike

I’ve got a support ticket open with FXpansion now. It “doesn’t work” the same way on my system as it does on yours, but THEY can’t reproduce the problem…

I’ll be sending them vstprobe logs, etc. We’ll figure it out.


Cool - Thanks Scott!

I’m having the same issue.
Pro Tools 7.4 on Win XP
I see VWRocket Compressor.dpm in the plugin folder but not showing up for mono or stereo tracks. All other Stillwell/Schwa plugs work great!

Hey Scott, any news about the issue?

still trading emails with fxpansion…since they’re in the UK, time zone differences get in the way. Still working on it, though. It really is appearing to be an issue either with the wrapper or with PT itself. The plugin wraps successfully, but when PT starts up, my code never gets called AT ALL…even stuff that the operating system uses to load the plugin DLL.

It could still conceivably be a problem with my plugin…but I don’t see how. Then again, if I could see how, I probably would have fixed it by now.


Never considered RTAS version(s)?

Hi Scott, is the PTMP = Pro Tools M-Powered? So U mean The Rocket is working well with VST to RTAS in PTMP but not with LE?


With the latest version of the wrapper and the most recent versions of my plugins, they should work in either M-Powered, LE, or HD. But to answer your question, yes, by PTMP I mean Pro Tools M-Powered.


Thank You for confirming, it make me doubt a little bit (I just buy The Rocket along with CMX and Vibe-EQ), since the thread is stopped without any confirmation about Pro Tools problem, I work in several host, Cubase, Pro Tools HD, M-Powered, and LE, so far work perfectly in Cubase, not yet tested in any Pro Tools system. It make me feel a lot of better now. Thank You for The Great Product and Price Scott!!!

Greetings from Indonesia,