Rocket problems with ProTools w/Wrapper

Hi Scott,

dude when I saw this new comrpessor I went apesh*t for real I so want to buy it… But I downloaded the demo and wrapped it with vst-to-rtas wrapper (i have Majot Tom and Event H wrapped and they works just fine), the wrapper recognize it, the wrapping shows correctly but the plugin doesn’t appear in PT… Any hint?
Thank you and keep up the amazing work

Mac or PC? What version of the Wrapper?

I’ll check it out here ASAP…but it will be later today, buried in administrivia right now. Sorry for the delay.


Pc, windows XP pro sp2, PT 7.4cs7 on a dual core AMD 6000+, everything works fine and I heard a friend of mine with the same setup and thRocket works fine on his system… so i guess is a PT problem? Damn PT…
The wrapper is v2.0, but the wrapper seems ok, it sees it, it gets it… is PT that won’t let me see it

Be sure that you’re on the right kind of track…I don’t think that the wrapper exposes mono versions of the plugs, only stereo. Can’t remember offhand. As I said…I’ll test.


Yeah it’s a stereo track… :confused: but anyway for MT and EH it shows even the mono version…

I reverted my system to a known clean bakcup with Ghost and still the plugin won’t show up… :confused: let me know if you find something, I really want this comp! and thank you in advance!

Hey Scott,

I tried to put several vst in my system, just to try, you know stuff I’ve never had before, and it seems to work fine with pretty much everything, the wrapper sees it (as the Rocket) and PT shows the plug in in the list and everything works fine (but the Rocket). So I think it is actually something wrong with the plug in MY system :confused:
Hope this help and I hope you’ll find what’s wrong, I’m dying I told all my friends “hey check out the new compressor from Stillwell!” and everybody went “jeeez this comp kicks some serious ass” and I can’t even try it ahah.

That’s somehow a good news :slight_smile: Thanks a lot Scott!