100% Stillwell!

Hey guys.The EQ’s and Comps are all Stillwell on this track.
1973,Vibe EQ,The Rocket,Major Tom, Event Horizon. Schope was used for analysis and psycho dither was used…well for dither!
Thanks Scott and Schwa for making these world class plugs available at an amazing price!

stashbox.org/524136/Finale-Final … 28-Bit.mp3

Man, that’s ON!

When it breaks into the vocals the production starts to remind me a lot of Yes, and that’s a GOOD thing as far as I’m concerned.

Definitely a killer job. Impressive.



Thanks Scott. Your plugs make it waaaay easier to mix. Kudo’s!

very nice song,

here is my quick little sound correction using one instance of VibeEQ :slight_smile:) stillwell plugins are awesome :slight_smile:)


Cool! I’ll be having this one mastered next week or so. :wink: