100% stillwell....again

Hi guys. Been a long time since I’ve posted here. I’ve finished off my partners new album (http://www.carriearmitage.com, all Vibe EQ and 1973!) so now it’s back to my stuff!
Here’s the latest track. It’s about this guy I met while working at WalMart. He was an ex railway engineer and had to quit because he was haunted by the six people who commited suicide by jumping in front of his train!!!
Poor guy. Anyway this is a song I wrote for him.
All the EQ’s are Stillwell, either 1973 or Vibe EQ. Event Horizon was used to ’ master’ at the end.
Event Horizon is so easy to use and sounds so good I’m contemplating doing my own final mastering with it. Very clean sounding plug.
Schwa’s schope is all over the place on the mix ,checking phase and low end response. And Psycho Dither is the final piece of the puzzle. Best dither plug I’ve heard!!
Thanks Scott and Schwa for making great sounding plugs that don’t break the bank!
It’s the first song that comes up on my site and is available for free download. Cheers. :smiley:

Rock on, man…good work!