New song from FP

Hello Everyone…

My band, FP, just wrapped up our latest recording called ‘Some Other Year’: … p-2010-mp3

Used tons of 1973EQ, VibeEQ, Rocket, Transient Monster, and Event Horizon throughout various tracks and bus channels.


Nice! Great music and production…just what I’ve come to expect from you guys. :slight_smile:

It may just be me, but this one seems a little thin on the low end…or possibly just building up in the midrange a bit. It works, regardless, so it may just be a stylistic thing where I just would have done it differently, so please don’t take it as anything near “oh, this is WRONG…”

Great tune, man…I like it.



Funny you should mention the low-end thing. No matter how we approached the mix, messing with the low-end kept getting us into trouble in the lower-mids and we just never liked the thickness of it all on this one. We had upteen different test mixes (as usual) and we kept coming back to this particular mix. This mix is definitely ‘lighter’ and we made a very conscious decision to not over-compress the mix at the mastering stage. We wanted things like the ride and crashes and whatnot to have room to breathe without getting overly slurred into other elements. Some songs definitely benefit from pushing the envelope, but this song seemed better served by pulling back a bit, even at the expense of not being as loud as many commercial mixes. Screw the loudness wars. Per the low-end, we had several good-sounding mixes with plenty of low-end but all three of us in the band kept liking this mix the most for some reason. Weird how it all came about. If you could’ve heard some of the other mixes we had on hand at the time, our ‘light’ mix direction might make more sense. Again, many of those other mixes sounded good, just not ‘right’ for the song. YMMV :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch for checking out the song and for leaving candid (and informed/useful) feedback! We should have another song out here before long. Will post things as we have them available. Got to love the Stillwell plugs for helping the process! Good stuff!