I just finished up a song for a friend/client Danny First called “Ignatius”:


§ 2008 Mauve Music Co

I initially tracked the primary vocals, acoustic guitars, Ebow, and drums in Mackie’s Tracktion3 (on a PC) but then halfway through the project I bought a MacBook Pro and imported everything into Logic Studio. Everything else was pretty much tracked, edited and mixed in Logic Studio.

As far as what Stillwell plugs I used:

VibeEQ: Stereo Acoustic Guitar
Major Tom/Event Horizon: Master Stereo Buss (inserted in that order directly after Logic’s Multipressor and then imported into a PC running GVst’s GMulti plug within T3).

I originally intended to use way more instances of the Stillwell plugs but ended up ditching 75% of all plugs (regardless of make or model) throughout the song as things started getting a bit crowded in the mix. Had over 40 tracks to contend with so “Less is More” as they say.

I wouldn’t mind making a user request for a Stillwell multiband compressor/expander that has some sort of subtle stereo enhancement ala GVst’s GMulti plug. I would buy it in a heartbeat if one would be made available. (Would be a happy beta-tester as well in the event of…)

Other non-Stillwell plug-ins of notable mention:

Celemony Melodyne
Line6 GearBox (with BassPack and PowerPack add-ons)
Various Logic and Apple plugs
Nomad Factory Blue Tubes v3 Bundle
G-Vst GMulti


Presonus FireStudio/DigimaxFS Combo
Line6 UX2 TonePort
Ibanez Acoustic
Conklin 7-String Bass
Roland TD-20 V-Drums
Fender American Deluxe V-Neck Strat
Alesis Microverb II
Pair of MXL 603s
Oktava MK-319



Nice mix!!! Thanks for posting that, I appreciate it!