How Can I Be So Blind - Remix w/ Stillwell Plugs

Hey Scott,

I busted this remix last night and your plugs are all over it. I used 1973, Major Tom, and Event Horizon (Clip Mode). Oh, the phase on the beginning of the song is the Oligrac Phaser (Great phaser Schwa!). If you listen to any of the other cuts, you will hear where I have been falling down in my mixes without your plugs. I will be buying most all! Can’t wait to hear Rocket!

How Could I Be So Blind - It is the first song.

Thanks guys!

  • Mike

Ummm…“How could you be so short?” :wink: Just kidding…but the music clips on your web page’s media player are only 3 second snippets (at least the first two songs were…didn’t check the others). Will check back here later… :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, that is very strange. The songs should all play full length. I tested the media player in IE, FF, and Chrome. What browser are you using?

BTW - Thanks for listening!

  • Mike

FireFox on a Mac (Leopard).

Cool, I will test it tomorrow. I just uploaded a new version featuring the “Vibe EQ”. Wow! It lives up to it’s name.

  • Mike

Yeah VibeEQ was initially a sleeper for me (I was pretty blown away with 1973 and 1973 eclipsed VibeEQ for me at first) but now I find I use VibeEQ on a ton of stuff and I rarely use any other EQ plugs (other than 1973 of course). I also use Nomad Factory’s Blue Tubes TrackBox quite a bit (and several of their comps) but the Nomad and Stillwell plugs are like apples and oranges. For the most part, VibeEQ has become my go-to EQ plug for anything and everything. I’ll even use both 1973 and VibeEQ on the same track in succession if I have certain frequencies I want dialed in pristinely yet other frequencies with some color. Works like a charm. Scott did very well on his choice of frequencies on each of those plugs.

Hey there,

Just tested the media player in FF on a Macbook Pro with Leopard; works as it should. I am at a loss as to why it does not work on your machine.

  • Mike

They are working for me now. Good vocal treatment and good performances. So are you using Autotune? Melodyne? Great overall mix and very balanced. What are you using for your vocal mic? You have a great voice! Good stuff.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen.

Yeah, that is AutoTune you hear. The vocal mic I used on this track is a Studio Projects T3. I A/B’d it with mics 3x the price and thought it sounded pretty good; I figured $499 for a tube mic is a pretty good price. On the processing side, the Vibe EQ is doing all the tone shaping and the Sonalksis SV-315 Mk 2 doing the compression. I would have used the Rocket but it does not work in Pro Tools yet; Scott is working diligently on the problem.

Let me know where I can hear some of your stuff, I would love to check it out.


  • Mike

Music links are along the left side. Suggested listening would be “I Don’t Care”, “Their Story”, “Ignatius”, “Strong Love”, and “Have I Thanked You” for starters. If you enjoy more guitar oriented instrumental stuff then you might check out “Something Coming” (cool “rude” tones and some of my most intense playing), “The Next Step”, “In 20 Years Pt2”, and “Maneuver #5” (intense but the production has never been to my liking). “The In Between” is pretty experimental/trippy but an interesting listen all the same. I also produced a death metal album roughly 4 or 5 years ago that still sounds amazing. The artist was “Forest of Witchery”. Again, all links are at the left side of the blog page. Have a listen and report back when you get a chance. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Most of my personal stuff is older since I keep getting people coming around wanting me to do production jobs and so I keep having to put my stuff on the back-burner for the time being. If I ever hit a slow season I think I’d like to just write for a while and then do some pre-production of my own ideas. I have a million ideas floating around in my head but so little time to do them justice. Plus, work-for-hire jobs actually pay the bills, whereas I can’t pay myself to work on my own stuff. :wink: You either have time or money, but seldom both at the same time. The Danny First stuff is my most recent stuff production-wise. He had ten songs that we recorded skeleton tracks for last summer (just acoustic guitar, harmonica, scratch vocals, tambourine, and a click track) and I’ve been whittling away at them ever since. Four down, six more to go. He has pretty much given me creative license as a producer to build them up as I see fit (with the exception of one song called “Each Day” that he wanted sparse and polished as little as possible) and so he has been my guinea pig throughout the process which has been pretty fun. I also just did a rush jingle job for a local politician for regional radio airplay for her upcoming re-election, so that was fun and was a nice shot in the arm. So hopefully I will get some good references from that here locally for more jobs on the side. Then at some point I need to hide in my studio for a few months and make my own album or two. But until then I have an equipment wishlist that needs financing…

Again, nice singing. Made me think of Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine” album a little bit (which in my world is a huge compliment) mixed with a little bit of Gnarls Barkley.

And not to steer you away from AutoTune, but have you messed with Melodyne? Way more powerful and can be used on everything from vocals to drums to bass parts, and this fall they are releasing the new DNA upgrade that will pitch correct things that are polyphonic (guitar chords, multiple singers on one mic, etc)… Once I bought Melodyne I was hooked and it has been worth every cent. Makes AutoTune look a bit childish IMHO. :sunglasses: