Check out my 1st work!

Hi guys,

Just wanna share with everyone my friend’s guitar instrumental EP which is due to be out soon.

Check out for teaser clips and updates soon.

I’m proud to have worked on this EP and given the chance to co-produce, engineer and also mix all the 5 tracks. Drums were recorded at an actual studio and we brought the tracks back to my place, all guitars and bass parts were recorded and re-amped in my bedroom. It’s my 1st actual ‘job’ and i do not have any studios that i can go to be at the helm of the console etc., thus the eventual decision to do everything literally in-house.

Stillwell Audio plug-ins are the 1st i ever bought, with some snooping and recommendations from various users and the Inititally, my thoughts were they are pretty reasonably priced to get my feet wet in the world of plug-ins. I ended up using alot of the 1973 EQ, Vibe EQ and Rocket Compressor on most of the tracks. Everything was mixed ITB on Logic 8 and my iMac w/ 4GB ram just for those who wanna know, of course some tracks had to be bounced with the plug-ins to conserve resources when track counts went up to about 40+ :laughing:

I hope you guys enjoy the teaser tracks for now and any critique at all is greatly appreciated. Once again, a big thanks to Scott for making these plugins and making my 1st ever plugs purchase a really worthwhile experience.