High (Freq) Praise for 1973

My band (‘FP’) is nearing completion of our first official song release called ‘Sycamore’ and I am in the last mixing stages on it. We’re up to around 70 tracks (and counting) and so I have had to use a fair amount of high- and low-pass filters just to prevent the inevitable build-up of low-end sludge and high-end noise and harshness. That being said I have been hunting for the perfect plug to re-open (in a flattering way) the top end of the mix on the master buss. After trying a ton of plugs, it finally occured to me to try 1973’s high freq boost. And as the Stillwell marketing recommended, I cranked 1973’s high freq knob all the way up. All I can say about what happened next is ‘Wow!’ The entire mix suddenly came to life and everything was just ‘there’ as it should be. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 1973 is worth every dime if for no other reason than that high freq boost. Unreal what a difference it makes. It may very well start getting used on every master buss from now on. Seriously. Dang.