I'd just like to say...

That Bombardier is an absolutely incredible tool. I’m strapping it across the master, I’m using it to glue up guitar groups, I’m using it to glue up drums, and I’m using it set as the “Two Inch” to give the entire mix some more of a saturated, tighter sound.

Best money I ever spent on software, next to Reaper itself.

Bravo, Stillwell. Absolutely amazing piece of work. Oh, and the oversampling is amazing. I’m rendering other effects all over the place to free up enough CPU to always be able to use the oversampling.

I also bought a license for 1973, and I agree with the assessments I’ve heard from others: that it sounds like it should cost many times what it does and that the high end boost is just amazingly smooth.

These two plugs of yours are in all of my current projects, and most of the time several instances at once.

Oh, and I don’t know exactly how the ‘adaptive’ midrange works on 1973, but putting a 2 or 3 db boost on a somewhat buried guitar part at 3.2khz just pulls it right up to be heard. Amazing stuff.

I’m not usually one to gush like this, but just these two plugs have made noticeable improvements in my mixes. And aside from paying for them to be a legit customer, I just wanted to express my appreciation here as well.

So thanks for making great, extremely useful plugs.

You’re welcome, and thank you for supporting us!


I agree - I have had the trial for a while, but only recently started using it ‘in anger’ and I really love it, even though I am still getting used to the controls. It sits on the 2-buss, occasionally drum or guitar groups and find it adds instant ‘better’ - density, mojo, smack, excitement - whatever! I have also recently started using the 1973 and VIBE eq’s and love them to bits - yes, great top end on the 1973 and wonderful 8k on the VIBE. And YES they both sound really nice with the OS switched in…

I’d like to agree 100%. This plugin makes everything sound better, busses, masters, groups, anything. I dont think its possible for it to sound bad.

Outstanding. Thanks.