UTFSE! i have.. i have ( presets in live 7 )


ive searched and searched…

at first i thought maybe Olga just didn’t come with any presets or a way to save them, which while kinda cool would be quite limiting.

checking on here it seems that Olga does have presets, but i have yet been able to find out just WTF i need to push to find them.

From other posts it sounds like you select your presets from the host ?? not the component??

i’m confuseded(ededed) !!!

any help would be awesome, as i REALLY want to buy Olga and do bad things with it! :smiling_imp:

Yep, this is true.

Does this help? preset sounds doesnt show up in live8

Awesome!!! works great…

thanks guys… expect an purchase soon :smiley: