OLGA help/advice on getting presets and where to put them?

Hi I just bought this synth OLGA and it seems to have loads of potential but no presets to get straight into playing
I’m having some teething problems also with it as I realise now its a beta (I think :astonished: )
there seems to be no instructions and although I love twiddling its nice to have some presets ect to start with…

Also I downloaded a few presets from this forum but some were missing from the links and there seem to be no instructions on where to place the files in my Mac?
any advice or help or presets would be much appreciated… :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why you have a beta, but since the full version is available (at v1.01.02 no less) - crammed full of presets and a full manual, I suggest you go grab it without delay!

Here : Olga page

Direct link to the OSX Audio Unit : HERE

That direct link only gave me the same component plugin manual and read me (only said where to place the component)
is there an installer?
where are the presets stored?
any help would be nice my plugin does some unusual stuff it opens a web page (safari) and keeps flashing it like an osolators running on my browser? as if loading a page at 25 times a second resetting the load …on off fast

Sorry, White Tie was talking about the VST version of Olga, and you’re talking about the AU. I’ve just had a similar report about the web page craziness, I’ll check that out today.

The AU does not have an installer, you simply place the component and manual in your /audio/plug-ins/components folder.

The 3rd party presets that are available are only FXB (for VST format), at least so far, but Olga should have 100 factory presets that show up in Logic 8 (they do here) … do you see those?