Synchronize LFO ?

Hi _

Congratulations for this instrument but how to synchronize the LFO with the clock of Digital Performer or another DAWN ?
I have the impression that’s impossible or is it a limitation of the démo-version ?

Another thing ; I can’t save my presets with the démo-version. I think that is a true limitation of a demo version , this time.
In advance, many thanks _

Hi, thanks for the post.

Olga has 2 LFOs and a tempo-synced trigger. The trigger can be synced to the host tempo using these controls:

The knob sets the retrigger speed in beats. The switch on the left retriggers the filter envelope and the switch on the right retriggers the amp envelope.

This works in almost every host we’ve tried. Scott nicely tried this out in DP and confirmed that it works, though if the host tempo changes you need to switch the retrigger on and off for Olga to notice. However, I’ve just noticed that Logic will not report tempo changes under some circumstances. I have a test fix for Olga/Logic/tempo retrigger here, if anyone cares to try it out: …

Saving presets should work fine. I just saved and loaded some presets to test, running the demo in Logic.

Yes, I now succeeded in making function the synchro on the left knob by
rocking this button of the button of division; It’s functions with Digital Performer.

But I very did not understand; will be able your to back up
these Presets with the total version. I am for the moment in
demo-version _

Geronimo, there should be no difference between demo and purchased versions; either one should be able to save and load presets.


Hé well sorry but here since DIGITAL Performer 5.13 version with MAcPro under Leopard (10.5.2.)
impossible to save Présets.
Damage _

I just tried it. I have DP 5.13 on a Mac Mini, 10.5.2. It worked for me.

I twisted some knobs, saved the preset, switched to a different preset, went back and looked under user presets and found the preset I just saved, then reloaded the saved preset. All worked as expected.

Did you look under “User Presets”? You can’t change and save the built-in presets, The AU specification doesn’t allow it.


Can you show me the way to to reach to user Presets? I did not find
those concerning OLGA on my MAcPro?

If not, I désinstalle this demo-version and there reinstalls
to test? Necessary to arrive there because I like your OLGA!

Hello _

Since I put the file OLGA Component in the 2 files Components
on Users and that on the HD as well as the format OLGA VST in file
VST, the backup functions under Tiger (10.4.11.) in OLGA accomodated
by D.P. 5.13 _
On the other hand, impossible with all that and same ingredients under Leopard with MacPro _ But one advances because I will seek where this file User Presets for OLGA is and why it does not
function under Léopard.
Perhaps should it be created manually?

Hi Geronimo … there is no separate presets file. The factory presets should appear in any host. For DP you don’t need the vst builds at all, just the AU components. Scott is running DP 5.13 on 10.5 and sees the factory presets, I believe … could you possibly post a screenshot of what you’re looking at?

Another thing !
This the texte of the “Read me” in the VST Folder from Download:

Please copy the AU component and manual to //Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components.

The manual can be opened at any time from the plugin by clicking the Schwa logo.

Thanks, and have fun!

Is there is not an error for “Component” ? rather VST ?

OK, I succeeded by creating the OLGA file manually. That was on
Léopard has the Audio/Presets file locked. I unlocked it and
preferred to create this file myself.
The way is on Mac: Audio HD/Library/Audio/ Presets/Schwa/Olga _

The underlined files were created _

I will eat and then passes to the purchase of this marvellous
instrument _

Ahhh, you’re using the Mac VST version instead of the AU. Yes that will go in Audio/Plug-Ins/VST rather than Components. The AU version was developed first and the documentation still reflects that.

Also, preset handling is different in VST rather than AU. Sorry, I’ve been chasing the wrong problem. Schwa and I will check it out.


Not, I worked well at the beginning with version A.U. but I in more loaded afterVST version , in the doubt _
But probleme solved unlocking of the file Audio _

OK, well if everything is working correctly for you now, then everybody’s happy!

OLGA doesn’t sync to host tempo in FL studio 8. Why? At least I don’t get it to sync. To whichever value I set the tempo in the song (and I DON’T change it for the duration of the song), OLGA just doesn’t get the tempo and plays in one fixed tempo (I’d say it’s 120, but can’t tell). Whether I set the tempo to 80 or 200, the trig LFO is in 120 (or something like that). Same goes for Cakewalk Sonar 7. Do I REALLY need to load OLGA as FX, and not as a synth? Even if I load it as FX, it only syncs in Reaper, but I’m not using Reaper.

This should be corrected in the next version. I mean, being able to tempo-sync OLGA even if it’s not loaded as FX, but as a synth.


Anyone cares to help with my inquiry? Please? Pretty please?

Well over two months have passed, I still haven’t got any help with why my OLGA won’t tempo sync the envelope LFOs in FL and Sonar 7. I have tried everything… it only works in Reaper - which I don’t really use as the others.

It would be a nice addition to tempo sync if the sync would be also synchronized to key press, so that I don’t “catch” the small fragment of the beat if I hit the note before the actual beat start.

What do I have to do to get tempo sync of envelopes in FL? It doesn’t work even if I load OLGA as an FX plugin (which is NOT the way for using VSTi and I want!)

I would really like to get some explanations… thank you.

Hi, sorry for the long delay in responding.

I will put up an Olga update in the next couple of days that will fix the tempo-sync issue. I’ll post here when it’s done.

OK there is a new version (1.02.00) which you can now download from the Olga page. It has a number of improvements and fixes, including for tempo sync in Sonar. Could you please grab that and let us know how you get on?