A few problem in FL8 (fixed)

I have had an odd stuck note in FL but pressing the key again unsticks it.Also,i don’t think any patches i’ve made have been saved.If i save in fst format the patch resets itself and i can’t reload it.So i tried saving in fxp format but when i reload it it’s the default patch i edited.I’m using FL8 release candidate 2.I haven’t tested in Live but i’ll try that next and see if i can reload the edits i made.

Great synth,congrats on making something unique and highly playable.Cheers! :wink:

Tested it in Live 7.I saved a patch and reloaded it and it was fine so i’ll use ableton in the meantime.I’m not too familiar with how FL handles presets but it should just save the current settings right?Cheers!

When i try to save a preset in minihost it resets itself and the patch i saved is reset too :frowning:

Similar thing happens in FL.When i save in fst format it resets the patch.When i save as an fxp it doesn’t save the changes i made.It only saves my patches in Live but crashed that pretty bad twice…I added a second instance and the first one lost the sound then it froze and i had to end program.I recovered the set twice but it crashed each time,i can’t save it nor can i delete the plugin to save the project.I’ve defragged my hd and installed the update.I’ll run the installer again…

hey musikmachine, do you have live 7.0.1 or 7.0.2?.. I have 7.0.2 and can’t save presets :cry:

There are several hosts where settings are not being preserved properly. I hope to have a fix for this today.

thanks a lot, great job

Yeah 7.02.I had to remove Olga from my plugins folder to restore the project.Could you save them but not reload them?That was the problem i has in FL but i saved one in Live 7 and reloaded ok.I was going to try the other version next.Maybe that will work until the issues get fixed… :slight_smile:

Thanks schwa.I sent you an email,did you get it?Cheers.

I believe that v1.00.03, now up, will solve the FL preset loading problem. Please let me know if you see any other troubles.

Thanks schwa.All seems well with 1.00.05.I like what you did with the update,Olga is a wonderful sounding instrument.I’ve been working on some patches which i’ll upload here soon.Cheers :wink: