where to place patches?

Hi folks!

Just downloaded OLGA… wow.
Thanks alot for creating stuff like this!!
Got some patches from the KVR site,
where do i place them?

( Edit: I´m on a Mac! )

Thanks, T

Hello, welcome, thanks!

Can I ask what format the patches are in please? Are they .FXB?

Yep, it´s IW.fxp AND .fxp…


( Edit: Just saw on this forum that there
should bee 100 presets already in OLGA - So where do i find
them?! I´m using the Vsti OLGA )

What host are you using sir? Logic?

Live 7


I will try it when i reach my office;
but where did that menu come from?!


Look just below the menu at the dropdown box of the effect box that Live provides.


Yep,found it…
thanks, but how do i
get my downloaded patches into the box, where is the
folder i should use?