Start off with own presets in Olga

Is it possible to replace the sounds in Olga with your own? Like an autoload function or something. No offence - the patches are cool and all, but Olga works best for me when I start off all by my own. I tried to find any in the manual about this, but I couldn’t find anything.


We thoroughly encourage you programming your own sounds, excellent stuff. Can you tell me what host you’re using please?

I’m an old Cubase-dog, but I would say that I’m moving more and more over to Ableton Live. I know how to load new banks and single patches - but if there is a way to make Live load my favourite sounds as soon as I load the plug that would be absolutely great. Actually I’m more thinking to make a total fresh bank with no patches at all - so that everytime I start up the russian lady I’ll do the sound on the fly.


OK, I see what you’re trying to do; makes sense. I think its a host question though, you need to be able to tell the host to ignore the embedded presets and load a custom set. In Reaper I think you’d do this by setting a track template with an Olga with the bank loaded, hopefully someone will be along to tell you how to do it in Cubase / Live…

How does it work? Are the presets coded in the actual plugin?

I remember the way things worked with my old hardware - if you had a file called autoload-something this one automatically loaded as soon as the hardware were turned on. Would that be a way to do this?

Or if all this is too complicated - when have to take into consideration all the hosts - would it be -hrm- too much to ask for a special version of Olga with the first preset set as Init as possible?

Just asking…

Or include a init patch somewhere in the built in presets. Would help a lot. Right now there are variations of the first patch (Accept no substitute) in slots 85-99. Wouldn’t it be better to include clean Init-patches instead of the repetitions of the first patch? Just an idea.

The init patches are coded in the .dll, I have checked it. I mainly use OLGA with FL studio 8, but it doesn’t allow me to set my default patch bank. I would like for OLGA to have more intuitive patch managing directly on the GUI, somethink similar to what (for example) Rob Papen Albino 3 has.

Heck even something like the way that Synth1 handles patches - ini file showing the mapping of FXB to 0-9 sets of presets. This way you can actually have 10 banks (math right?) at your disposal and the mapping is easy to change