problems with patch saving (fixed)


i tried to programm some patches but i am not able to overwrite any patches. Looks like a overwrite protection. I am only able to save patches as single files (.fxp). When i try to organize them in a bank either this doesnt’t work or the name is lost. I use version

Update :
When i load a single patch to the bank it’s stored at number 76. When i save the bank and load it again later the patch is still there but the name changed to “new preset” or “Accept no Substutute”. Same problem when loading single fxp-patches. The patch is there but the name is changed. :confused:

Tried in Live 7, MiniHost and Savihost. The plugin is running absolutely stable but those saving problems are making me nervous.

Hi, sorry about this annoying issue. I’ll get it straightened out in the next Olga release.

The problem is that every host (and every plugin too) seems to have its own interpretation of the FXP/FXB system. In your opinion, which host handles FXP/FXB management the best? Can you suggest any free/uncrippled synth plugins that handle it well, so I can compare behavior?


Hello schwa,

The hosts i have are Live 7, Tobybear Minihost v1.64 and Savihost. The best for handling fxbs and fxps is Minihost. I mostly manage patches from several soundbanks with this to make my “favourite patches banks”. For this Minihost has a bank/preset-manager.

Some commercial plugins where this kind of patch managment works really good are e.g. Lennar Digital Sylenth1, GMedia Oddity, Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V or AQ Poly-Ana.

Free plugins where it works well are e.g. Voltkitchen Minimogue VA, Voltkitchen ARPpa2600va or Ugo Rez.

link for Minihost :
link for Voltkitchen synths :

Thanks I.

Do you have an opinion on these generic questions on FXP/FXB behavior?

generally i would say the fxp/fxb system works. To create an empty bank is really not so easy. You have to create an “empty” patch and copy it to all 128 patches. Like i already said for me this works with programs like Minihost. On the other hand i like the new Kore system provided by Native Instruments. First you find desired patches quite fast and second it’s not limited to 128 patches. Another system is a built in browser like in AAS Tassman or U-He Zebra. In Rob Papen Predator you have a combination of the fxb/fxp and a browser. My opinion is that the Kore system will be the future.

Ingonator, please see your PM on this forum. Thanks.

The problem seems to be solved with all versions higher than 1.00.08. The upcoming version 1.01.00 is highly recommended.