Preset in Logic

Hello, how the hell do we manage preset in Olga in Logic/Audiounits ?? I couldn’t find a single word about preset management in the manual. Where is the factory preset folder ?? I understand the preset in the “Post preset her” topic of this forum are only available for VST, correct ? So how do we handle the bank (.fxb) for instance with AU in Logic ?

Other point for info, the manual mention “Mouse right-click : opens a number entry window over the control, for keyboard entry of precise values. If you grab the control behind the number entry window with the mouse, you can see the exact value change as you drag the mouse”, this doesn’t work in Logic…

Hi, there’s no factory preset folder, the factory presets are internal and should appear in the regular aupreset dropdown list. If you save aupresets you can save them anywhere you like. You are correct that he fxb/fxp presets that have been posted various places are a VST-only format, there’s no utility that I am aware of to translate between fxb and aupreset.

The right-click behavior is a Windows-only feature, we should correct the manual to say that.

Hope that helps.

Ok, thanks for the info